Millharbour Marketing were instrumental in assisting, planning, implementing and advising on our sponsorship and marketing strategy. Their professionalism and availability throughout the process was incredible. The package and aftercare has been excellent. We would highly recommend Millharbour Marketing to anyone looking for assistance with sponsorship and marketing.

Alana StottCampaign Director, PAH18

Thanks to Sophie’s commitment and flexibility, our event sponsorship went further than a simple sponsorship. Her creativity and valuable input allowed us to develop tailor-made ideas, which met our objectives perfectly. Sophie is a gifted professional and her assiduousness made our collaboration very pleasant. The Investors Choice Awards 2015 has been a great success, as well as our sponsorship, which would have never been possible without Sophie.

Florent DupriezMarketing Manager, London City Airport

This robust research project is one of the highlights of our marketing activity this year. It helped us to understand the Bath Rugby audience and therefore justify our sponsorship investment. It also informed a lot of our other marketing activities including key motivators for choosing our hospital and the most effective channels and messages to use to reach our audience.

Jo EkeMarketing Lead, CircleBath

You have a fine insight into the Danish market, which helps when discussing the challenges we are facing when talking about sponsorship. Mapping of all the possible new assets is a perfect tool for building new sponsorship packages and adding new assets to existing sponsors.

Mikael OvergaardCommercial Manager, Superliga

With sponsorship consistently making up more than 50% of our annual revenues, I am always looking for ways to improve our process and offering. I followed Millharbour Marketing for a number of years before making contact.

It was obvious from the content they produced, the clients they worked with and results they had achieved that they were a marketing consultancy at the cutting edge of best practice sponsorship.

Sophie and Emanuele were a pleasure to work with. The advice, ideas and practical improvements they provided to my sponsorship sales, management and reporting processes are still paying dividends today.

Scott RiceFounder & Director, Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series